Genuine, compassionate, and professional

Genuine, compassionate, and professional

My career in the medical profession has been a long one. I have been in the medical profession since 1993, but my passion for caring, and taking care of people started earlier than that. As a teenager I would go to work with my aunt, helping her take care of her elderly patients. I knew that this was what I wanted to do in life, I wanted to care for the elderly. I've cared for them, and have been to most of them the only constant family that was there for them. It has taken me some years to answers this calling, but it too is what I have always been drawn to, so I decided what better time to see the other side of life. I get to see my families in the beginning of their life instead of the end. 

Care for the mother as well as the child

As your doula I offer my knowledge of not only care for baby, but care for mom as well. My goal is to make sure that you are medically cared for as well as emotionally supported throughout your journey. From accompanying you to appointments, to providing one-on-one care in your own home. I will offer services that are tailored to your families unique needs as your family adjusts to life with a newborn. Let me know how I can be of help.

Questions and Answers

From your 12-week scan to your due date and beyond, you can benefit from my services. I can help to ensure that your baby is healthy, and happy, as well as answering any questions you may have on everything from birthing to breastfeeding, and pumping. With my knowledge, and experience of caring for babies I understand that the first few months can be overwhelming -that's why I'm always available and encourage you to call me with any concerns. 


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